This is a performative piece, unfolding continuous cooperation between Israeli artist Dan Allon and Finnish artist Ari-Pekka Leinonen. The work is constructed by scenes put together as radio dramas, narratives  in video and animation, and by a series of drawings and fake texts. It is created and executed in three cities: Helsinki, Berlin, and Tel Aviv. It's humoristic, absurd and theatrical, and rely on relational aesthetics, nationalistic history, and multidisciplinary approach. It is a political, yet sophisticated..


Helsinki-based multidiciplinary artist Ari-Pekka Leinonen (1988) experiments with audiovisual media and new media technology to create spatial experience driven artworks that explore the sense of hearing and ways of listening. Deeper understanding of 'the art of listening' has driven him towards performative personal engagement searching for possible future scenarios. He holds a MA degree in Sound in New Media (2015) from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

"Through my art practise I listen to the surrounding social world, not to understand what is said literally, but instead what might lie behind words and sounds in order to find outlines for audiovisual portraits. Perhaps the art of listening is a realisation to use ears in a constant process of realignment with the environment and others. What we experience without preconceptions or appraisal can give significant clues about individuals, societies, and the world that we inhabit."


Dan Allon (born in 1982) is an Israeli-born interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin and Tel Aviv. He holds a postgraduate diploma in fine art from Hamidrasha Faculty of the arts, Beit Berl College (2014), and a bachelor in visual communication from Shenkar College of design, engineering, and art (2009). His work spreads on various mediums, such as drawing, installation, performance, sound and graphic novels. In his work “he puts himself on stage”, using his own life a humoristic base to create experiences and stories for the spectators, usually questioning the practice of art and social conventions. He exhibits regularly in Israel and Europe at museums, galleries, performance events and book fairs. In 2015, he published his sixth graphic novel, and he is a part of the comics collective “Humdrum”, which participated in Angoulême and Fumetto international festivals, among others. In addition, He is a part of the musical duo Satla Land and an editor for “Untitled” and “Hotem” online magazines.




Talya Raz and Alfred Institute of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel

Udi Edelman, Eyal Danon and Israeli Center of Digital Arts, Holon, Israel

Avner Pincover

Frame Contemporary Art Finland

Juan Gomez Aleman & Matias Deporta, La Juan Gallery, Madrid Spain

Het Entrepot, Bruges Belgium