Chapter V : Two Many Flew Over Cuckoo Nest

Keywords: trauma, war, tourism, Bruges, generals, rock opera, psychology, renaissance, jibberish, ignorance, bureaucracy

The multidisciplinary work is a fictional tale about alternative possible future where the swollening trauma that is still intoxicating many of the European nearsighted consumer youngsters can be located next to cellar brewery of the capital of Republic of Unpractised Knowledge. Everyone too conscious about future without historical dress codes are waging an assault by assembling their needles to pinpoint the actual cause for their lack of interest towards the future while getting fat on carpet diet — meanwhile the others just try to cope with everyday life as their role models before them. This brings forward this monotonously reappearing conflict between those who want to heal the swollen history and those who want to keep it unchanged.

The work is part of John the Good, Charles the Bold, Philip the Bold, Philip the Good, John the Fearless, Dan the Baker and Ari De Bussy private collection resonating the inescapable chimes of the gothic towers. The subject matter has nothing to do with contemporary thinking as the curators of this Flemish Renaissance masterpiece have been too busy celebrating the success of their legacy while others are constantly updating the operating system.

WELCOME TO BRUGES, home of the Fishraeli Primitives

1. Introduction

Project proposal for Het Entrepot's Cut the Crap -residency

We are two ex-generals, now happily retired, fought several wars, and waiting to die due there was not a bullet or bomb wise enough to hit us. We have come to share you our experiences of war. We have no real experience due we have always been fighting from behind consoles and tv screens. Our trauma is distant imaginary trauma. We have no real understanding of war, but our actions have been causing war. Our way of life and our will to protect our way of life causes war behind our backs, somewhere else, according to 99-year-old Swiss creationist scientist Fritz Basel.

We will sit and tell you how we feel. We will invite you to tell us, due we are also well known psychologist researchers, about your trauma. We will interview you and draw pictures about your struggle. We will make videos about this madness. We will write music about your haunting memories and we will compose all this into a scroll that will be part of our significant Bad Research series. This scroll contains hot well crafted fake truth.

We will explore the public space, talk with people and ask them to describe their imaginary trauma about war. We will find like real private investigators a real person who has fled from war and let her describe us how it is. She or he will put us to experience that hell. All this will be distilled into a form of a performance and exhibition where collected and created material will be exhibited. We will create a situation that we conduct and ask participants to spend time with us. It hopefully will be a traumatic experience.

This work is heavily inspired by the place where it is executed.

"They forced us to bring them over!"

Bad Research taking advantage of Pizza!


A vigilant police citizen caught infamous criminals taking advantage openly in public. "They are here to cause terror. This is a normal place with normal activities and then these monsters come here to take our jobs, wives, beers and foods. Immoral!", explains one eye-witness. The local authorities have reduced the intake amount of waffles and french fries by half just to be able to report all the complaints about the sudden intruders.

2. Research methods

1. Violent exposure to the TRUTH to cause deep feeling of terror and helplessness in researcher

2. Constant therapy sessions that involve active participation and deep listening

3. Systematic fine tuning of chaotic information retrieval and generation of bad bureaucracy

4. Total acceptance and surrender for indisputable patriarchal hierarchy

5. Constant alignment with tradition

6. Produce bad quality with good ingredients

7. Be as opportunistic as possible with research funding

3. Historical background

King of sweden has fallen from the space to take over the Bruges


Simon perez - king of Sweden - Nobel prize - The Mayor of Bruges

Audiovisual website — a painting with hotspots that lead to episodes in a story


Two generals are made from multiple generals. Every character has split personality.


You never see the generals on the videos


Every week shrink session


Everyone would have a nickname

- Charles the Bold

- Philip the Bold

- Philip the good

- John the Fearless




1. Shrink scene (one general are talking about his trauma while the other is spychiatrist) “Why they are after us?”


2. Rockers


3. Sound clips of imaginary Bruges


Initial storyline


Two really bad Generals have escaped their trauma to the space through Vincent Van God’s mouth. Other generals got stuck in the mud because they were carrying too many medals. In the vacuum of the space the trauma became intolerable, because there was no entertainment with what to ignore it, so they had to go back to Earth. Generals decide to hide in Bruges, because nobody of their friends want to go there.


Somebody is after the generals, because they are holding the trauma. King of Sweden hasn’t fought any wars for a long time or got any other noticeable victories, and is a bit jealous to other leaders. He comes up with a plan to renew his glory — he decides to destroy the old trauma that has been messing up the good times of everyone else except Sweden. He needs to find the trauma fast!


The trauma is unbearable for the Generals to leave it untreated. They have to express themselves often, but it leaves traces for the King of Sweden to follow.


General’s musical talent is recognised by UNDERGROUND music producer Sick Rubens (Laurens). They form a underground resistance force, because it is illegal to play music in Bruges. With the help of Sick Rubens Generals form a revolutionary band “Rockenrollers + Karl Marx” and invent the rock music — “you only produce Jibberish this time!”. The time spent in space made generals unaware what happened during the 20th Centrury so they ignorantly believe that they invent new form of music. They have hard time believing people telling them that it is already old music that they are playing.


As the Generals continue their underground musical activities, a local music dictator CV Wonder, gets very angry of someone else is playing music in Bruges without a permission. He is the only musician allowed to play music in Bruges. He is deaf musician and he plays the chimes of Bruges with his seven Synths.


The Generals are trying to IGNORE the traumas by utilising the tips of SPEDE game show tactics — it is a program that helped whole Europe to get along with the trauma. The game show fills the whole Bruges with tourists that prevents King of Sweden moving around and makes young hip European youngsters not wanting to visit Bruges although King of Sweden is willing to pay them. King of Sweden realises that the young people are the force that can explode the swollen trauma that is now located in Bruges. The tourist are just a cover story by the Generals to hide the trauma from public’s eye.


The angry revolutionary youngsters stay outside of Bruges next to their infamous meet eating kiosks “Meat Mit Meat”. They are constantly being accused from violent attempts to moralise and force normal people to eat meat — a lot of meat. The two Dogs, Dan and AP, are behind the meat industry that is trying to change the whole lifestyle of western world. “Throughout the history we have been eating 100 kilos of meat in a day!”


To be continued.


In the end this story is just a scenery from a Flemish Reseissance painting where the King of England and King of France are mixing the 100 year war with 100 years to WW1.

A special friend giving advice for the expedition

"Remember your nerves, otherwise you blow up."

"Ordinary person spends his whole life avoiding tense situations, Repo man spends his whole life GETTING into tense situations!"

"...identify “standout” military commanders whose battlefield prowess, impact on the conduct of war in their respective eras, or significant contributions to the development of warfare helped create the world we live in today."


"Gustavus Adolphus: This Swedish king (1611- 32) has often been called “the father of modern warfare” for his development of a professional army featuring mobile artillery and improved infantry and cavalry formations."

“Once you allow the moral question to dominate the narrative then I think you end up with a stunted argument and there’s only so much that can be said. On the other hand, if you follow the money and power and you see who’s attrited and who’s exalted, then you have a much more interesting story.

Bad Research has no moral, Bad Research is always after the money and power.

David Hockney returns to illuminate the path of discoveries

David Hockney has delivered a special report to Bad Research that even today artists are still using secret technology to create works of magic. According to some people that write books(who reads books anymore?), the contemporary technology used in this act of alchemy is possible due the accelerated inventiveness during war times. The extension of arm is an extension of war trauma. This is a war machine.

"It’s strange that these artists are still referred as flemish primitives. But history places the dawn of  Renaissance in florence, not here. Bruges and Ghent were very sophisticated new cities. The royal court and church were almost as rich and powerful as in Florence. Both the church and the court commissioned  paintings. Jan Van Eyck was the court painter. He was not a humble craftsman. He ran a large workshop with  many apprentices. He was an intellectual, a theologian and a scientist. He is described by Vasari an alchemist and credited with an invention of oil painting. Primitive?"

Leaked correspondence between Bad Researchers:

Secret Knowledge => Unpractised Knowledge :D

Hockney put us in the map! To fucking Bruges to discover Van Eyek! It makes sense.



"Once I realised this I started to notice a large number of left-handed drinkers …. and look a left-handed monkey…”

"He (Jan Van Eyek) was well paid by Philip (the Good), who sought that the painter was secure financially and had artistic freedom and could paint "whenever he pleased"." 

Are you following the Renaissance mentality or are you hungry?

Is Bad Research planning to rob the most traumatised work of art?

"It's almost been destroyed in a fire, was nearly burned by rioting Calvinists, it's been forged, pillaged, dismembered, censored, stolen by Napoleon, hunted in the first world war, sold by a renegade cleric, then stolen repeatedly during the second world war, before being rescued by The Monuments Men, miners and a team of commando double-agents. The fact that it was the artwork the Nazis were most desperate to steal – Göring wanted it for his private collection, Hitler as the centrepiece of his citywide super-museum – has only increased its renown."

"Today it sits behind heavily protected bulletproof glass." 

So what? We have a very special tool to "open the door".

“I fully admit I had a passion for collection,” Göring said on the witness stand at Nuremberg, with a “vulpine” smile, according to Janet Flanner, who reported from the trial for The New Yorker. “And if they were to be confiscated, I wanted my small part.”

“We act to save our lives actually everyday. People lie constantly everyday by not saying something that they think or saying something that they don’t think or showing something that they don’t feel…”

Yes Mr. Batman we in Bad Research corporation fix the truth to be false everyday!

Cult of BIG BOYS is still in power

"National canon of history is an artificial construction decorated with names from the distant past, according to Sulkunen. While deconstructing the broad field she has noticed that history has been constructed and produced sometimes with cruel mechanisms."

Although many historians have understood to let go from singular national histories to more complex narratives, Bad Research still finds clues everywhere that there is still big unthought need for unifying mythologies. If one questions this tradition, many get upset which is not nice at all!


Be ashamed you complex historians and stay away from the GREAT stories!

Bad Research is buying more guns for the next performance "Dancing with Guns"

"War merchant's objective is to pursue long-term profitable business in an ethical and responsible manner taking into account, inter alia, economical, human and social, as well as environmental matters since this creates loyalty and trust among employees, customers, shareholders, other stakeholders and in the communities in which gunmaker operates. Yes we care, we make guns."

Power does not mean intellect

"What also appalls me is the language of him and his cronies — people talking about sucking on their own cocks and such. I don’t know if it’s universal or distinctly American, but the vulgarity of the language of powerful men: It all comes down to penises and pissing and cocks. They talk like out-of-control 6-year-olds"

Poem of the day, 24th September

America is reality TV, researchers don't know anymore which story is true and which is false. According to the new theories people are unsure whether whole America exists, or is the world flat, or is the whole suspicious climate change thing real. You know it is hard to say when there is this difficult peer reviewed scientific discussion to confuse our assumptions.

According to more capable human species (in social darwinistic point of view) business started at day one. Many many millions of years ago the main article of trade were rocks and stones.


Three Words that Guide You to NEW ART

Sumuel Bikit's plays aren't impressing enough

The Finnish Immigration Services has a hint for every every artist that is trying to address sensitive social issues through their expression: "You are just trying to shock  and it has no real political effect. Stop doing it and get a real job."


The Authoritarian Logic

End of discussion. What you are doing is not appropriate. If you don't follow our rules, we will show you why you should follow.

Belgians have a thing for pyramids

Newest hit dish in Belgium is a food pyramid. Build a pyramid and fill it with your favourite ingredients and turn it upside down.

Maybe they should sticker my albums and say, ‘Stay away if you have no moral compass.’”

Careful planning for upcoming audiovisual extravaganza!

Sometimes it is nicer to quiet about the history, because the truth can be unpleasant. Trauma doesn't heal with silence?

This is 2017


In the end one is a mosquito that is forced to slap oneself to the face in order to silence the buzzing. For the memory of mosquito.


How people work, love and eat.

ROKKENROLLERS - Unpractised Knowledge

featuring Cutting Heads, Proxy Muzak, Rolling and Stoned

Hummus Sexuals, The Waving Sideburns, The Kiss Singers, Eggy Poop, Cream Kingdom, Jimmy Schmendrix, Radio Floyd, Frank & Shappa

"Best album of the year 1453! King Charles IV and King Henry V has created a masterpiece that invented ROKKENROLL!" - New York Times

"Finally we have overcome the trauma of guitar heroes. Probably the most badly made album ever, but the vibe is KOSHER!" - Jerusalem Times

"6/5 definitely. Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, The Sponge Bob, Be-Bob, Robocop etc." - The Rolling Stones

"This album will be defining the generation of 100 year war. Maybe ROKKENROLLERS are to turn swords into ploughs! - Newspaper of Sweden

"When I was seventeen, I went to hiphop internet forum to see the thread about best album to listen while high and most of the people recommended ROKKENROLLERS Unpractised Knowledge with some Hyper Skunk. Oh man I was taken to a musical journey right away. This album changed my life." - Excerpts from Carl Jung's patient interview

"Without ROKKENROLLERS there would not have been a revolution! Revolutionary album. Long live Henry V and Charles VII, to be able to overcome their trauma in such a beautiful way." - Excerpts from the correspondence of two soviet leaders

Researchers have found new information about the 100 year war

"Researchers have found out long lost secret memos of psychoanalysis and correspondence between King Henry V and King Charles VII that has ended the hundred year war according to top Belgian researchers Jart Becobs and Maurens Larien. With this new insight we can actually heal our trauma and treat girls much better, summarises excited researcher duo."

Secret correspondence

How dare you call me spoiled?!

Well you are, aren't you?

I am the King of England! 

You do not scare me! You are a fraud! 

I hate people when they turn their back to me! 

If you start acting like a person, and not like a frog, I would look to you in the eye! 

OK then, if you do not want want to turn, I will say it to your back: YOU ARE HORRIBLE! 

I think I know why you hate me so much! Is it the time I showed you my penis in the bathroom?

NOT AT ALL YOU PERVERT! IT'S it only for one reason: You are not reliable, and cannot be trusted!

Oh really? and why is that?

Because you sent those two poor generals away from history, instead of taking responsibility like a real king! 

So that is the way things are going to go from now on? You will blame me for all the events you happily took part in?

I certainly did not! I am just showing you your true face! 

Those two generals are probably dead, and why? why? was that worth it?

YES IT WAS! And I would definitely do it again! 

Now let's go back to the bathroom incident! 


Oh!!! Yes!!!! We wil!!! Why did you drink so much?! why?! don't you know you are being watched as a role model?

** silence ***

** King sobs **

Oh Jesus, now you are going to cry?

You are right! You are right! 

The reason I did that, is because I knew they are weak, and I sacrificed them 

Yes, I always thought they were a weak pair, two numb heads, no good, worthless so called generals


Yes, they are probably dead anyway...

Yes, I suppose they are 

Have you ever considered to try and look for them?

To be honest, I have. Could not find them. I heard they are in Belgium. 

Belgium? Oh what for?

I don't know, I heard it is a good place to heal trauma of wars 

Oh! And a trauma they have

** Laughs ** 

I thought about our talk from the last week

Oh you have, haven't you

YES YES... and... I think you are a good king, and fuck those two generals, my word, if I may, they are indeed dead

THOSE ARE GREAT NEWS, and you are a good king as well, my friend

WHAT?! They are still alive?!

That's a charade! that's a big, big, big, big problem!

This could start a war

This could start a war between out nation


Notes from the psychoanalysis sessions with King Henry V

Session 1

Henry the V!!! What an asshole! Such a selfish prick. Only to look good for the public. That is the only thing he cares! It’s so unfair, childish, and of course, entirely irresponsible. You know, I wanted to tell you this a long time ago, but somehow it had slipped my mind. Did you know that this fucking asshole had his ceremony under a blaze of rain?The people thought it means God does not want him to be king, it was in 1422 mind you, but he, of course, turned it over and told everybody it was a blessing. SO TYPICAL HIM! 


Session 2

He always favored nepotism, and somewhat forcedly unified the UK, being the first declaring one law on behalf of the crown on the whole country. Like!! How dare he? Who gave him the right to do that? He was going to die anyway because all he wanted is to play music and stay in his room like a fucking teenager. He never ate, only drank and took drugs, and of course never showered. So, of course, he would die, at the age of 36. 

Session 3

Therefore, he should have been a bit of more of a responsible king,     his highness, and not such a big child. He should have taken care of all the other people, not only of his own family. Seriously, those ravens and leaches. They all told him what he did was excellent, with his fucking domestic policies, which is ridiculous, as a person who barely left his room, had no education, and for sure did not know how to write a piece of music, nor any other artistic output.

Session 4

Now let me tell you another thing about the distinguished Henry the V of England. He was never romantic, did not believe in god, and was sure that this entire kingdom thing is a big joke. He was so cynical and did all for the press image. He never left his room, maybe once or twice, so of course, he would not like people or trust them. The only time he went out is to see a rock show of the French band (A VERY GOOD ONE BY THE WAY), The Escargots. Even then, he blamed and complained, saying "they cannot play," or "the chair is not comfortable enough," it is "too hot there" and stuff like this. SO TYPICAL HIM! 

Session 5

Moreover, I have to tell you on this one time I came to visit him; he was playing his guitar, it was horrible. I came to visit him with my prime minister, Jacques Lacan, and we were both shocked, no class, at all! He did not even offer us water. Also, when he was asked for something, or confronted with a good story from the news, he would twist it around, be violent, or ask us to leave. This time was no different! All we wanted to ask him is “what is love?”, you should have seen the way he reacted. 


Session 6

Oh, and there is one more thing. I once came over for a very official and distinguished dinner, with a large delegation. We were served drinks, meat, fruit, the best that England can offer, so as France. Then he asked to be excused, went to the restroom, took off his pants, and started playing the guitar,  yelling: “I hate this war, I hate this war.” Everybody in the dining room could hear, I came inside to see if he needs help, his pines was out, and he had a fucking face on it! On his pines!  

An Dallon (PhD)

Associate Professor 

Belgian Psychoanalytic Society Training Institute

Rue Emile Claus 49



Notes from the psychoanalysis sessions with King Charles VII

Session 1

Charles the Seventh seems to be very upset because he cannot play jazz in his new band. His psychopath friend Henry the Fifth is very incapable to form any kind of progression in his musical delivery. Also his poetical expression seems to be in the level of infant. He has no sense for beauty. The regressive nature of his friend causes Charles to compromise, and this compromise has led him to long lasting apathy and depression.


He had high hopes for a career in music, but the social environment, life incidents and patriarchal family ties had for  ced him to form a band with self-centered Henry. Unable anymore to identify with his ambitions, he had to lower himself to be just an average rock drummer due his despot band mate. His talent in music could deliver more intellectual and sophisticated musical themes and structures, but circumstances are not on his side. He is constantly afraid of hurting people. Because of his abusive and unpredictable forefathers, he is willing to step aside and let his friend decide most of the compositional ideas, just to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

Session 2

I find in Charles a huge lack of healthy ego. The level of uncertainty is apparent the way he is asking constantly confirmation from the others. Even the smallest hit of cowbell needs to be approved by his friend. He is so sensitive that even a wrong facial expression can spoil the groove.


Charles doesn’t want to be a man like his forefathers. He has found his happiness from contemplative affairs like drawing, cooking, being nice to people and playing soft jazz. But the environment doesn’t approve his ambitions. His social environment is filled with manly men that are constantly talking about conquering either new territories, women or developing new instruments of torture.


The environment doesn’t seem to be ready for Charles’ revolutionary ideas that man can be open hearted and sensitive. He has to constantly wear a mask that hides his true nature among other men. In these circles sensitive humor, hugging, crying, empathy and having ability to listen others, is overruled with dirty intolerant jokes and ignorant shouting.



Session 3

Charles definitely doesn’t want to be like his friend. The psychological struggle we are seeing here, is a result from his pursuit to find his own unique path as a man. He is trying to find the courage to stand out as new kind of king. He doesn’t want to be a tyranny, but work together. He is drummer, because he wants to play together with others. He wants to invite people to the rhythm and celebrate the creation of music collectively.


I have seen enough traumatized men, who are stuck into their father’s music just because they want to understand what went wrong with their father’s generation. All of these individual heroes, superstars, classic records and critically acclaimed masterpieces have created a myth of a success that is the only motivation to start a band and is forcing to set the expectations so high that even Steely Dan could not have thought that. There is no more singing for nothing or playing drums with the wind. No it has become a profession with a well-designed career plan to take over the industry. More time is used to create image of an interesting band than making the music itself. Henry the Fifth told Charles many lies like that they have invented ROKKENROLL, or the Beatles never existed. After hearing about the betrayal, lying was too much for Charles.


Session 4

Charles the Seventh thinks that there have already been enough men like him in the spotlight, men who have been just lucky enough to be born as the prince without real personal attachment to the realities of life. These men become a role model for other men that want to take over his place to become the prince. The prince is expected to protect his position and everybody under his princehood is competing and nobody has time for the groove. These men become so bitter that they claim their wasted time in competing to be only real objective in life, just to make everyone else be as bitter as they are, because they know that there could be something else, but this something else has to be hidden so that everybody would share their traumatic experience in life. The more the prince is able to make people around him to compete with each other the more secured the position of current prince is.


I think he should confront his friend Henry and finally show a true example of him how one can be different, and oppose the public opinion and socially approved identity. I think Henry needs to find some new perspective in his life and I suppose that Charles can lead Henry out of his hardhearted social awkwardness, and egoism to become a more sensitive model for a man - a being with open heart. Opening Charles’s heart can lead to new musical discoveries.


Dr. Peri-Lekka Ainonen (NoPhd100%THC)

Reservoir for Broken & Traumatised men

According the new public opinion art openings are pathway to jail

"I thought it was about drinking free beer and mingling, but now it is a crime to participate in art performance. Better do something about it, says shocked art student."

Researchers were found in local sanitarium healing their trauma. No future results can't be expected.